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Thread: Modified java script Vs Noramal script used in Web Pages

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    Question Modified java script Vs Noramal script used in Web Pages

    Hi all,

    Modified Java Script step uses RHINO java script,
    does that mean .. that i have the flexability of using JavaScript to any extent supported by RHINO or i have to write scripts specifically supported by PDI(kettle)...

    Thanks in advance


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    An embedding of Rhino is used. Most of the things should work.


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    DEinspanjer Guest


    Rhino is a pretty complete core javascript implementation including E4X support. That said, it is not a web browser implementation, so you don't have a DOM or "window" to work with. You can't make an onClick event handler or things like that because it isn't running on a web page.

    Any object oriented code you can write in JS and any core JS function should work fine though.

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