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Thread: Kitchen in Windows CMD

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    Default Kitchen in Windows CMD

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to schedule a couple of commands, including kitchen.
    First, I delete some tables from oracle using the command
    "sqlplus username/password @C:\Documents....\test.sql"

    after that, I do a couple of these commands using sqlplus, access, ....

    Everything works fine untill the point where I start using Kitchen.

    Kitchen needs to update my dimensions, so I start the job "JOB_ALL.kjb" using the command

    kitchen.bat /file:JOB_ALL.KJB

    Everything goes well, but when all the dimensions are updated, the CMD just stops. The other commands after the Kitchen command aren't being executed. It appears that Kitchen stops the CMD from doing anything (executing other commands) AFTER the Kitchen command.

    Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

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    I realize this post is really old, but if anyone else has this problem, it is not actually a problem with kitchen. When calling a batch file from another batch file, you have to use the function "call".

    So instead of
    kitchen.bat /file:JOB_ALL.KJB
    you need
    call kitchen.bat /file:JOB_ALL.KJB
    If you don't do this Windows sees the end of the batch file you are are calling as the end of the entire batch file you are writing.

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