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Thread: Problem with ExecuteXaction and Reports

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    Question Problem with ExecuteXaction and Reports

    I am trying to create a dynamic dashboard for viewing existing reports. The idea is to create an html select listing existing reports (linking to the appropriate xaction file), when you select a report, the ExecuteXaction is called and renders the report in the specified html object (a div). However, the reports are not showing. Even with a fixed xaction (solution, path, and action), nothing is rendered.

    I am using the latest community release, 3.0.0.RC1 which has the version 3.0 dashboards. Any help would be appreciated. I expected that at least hard-coding a report into the ExecuteXaction would cause it to generate the report (as html, it's specified that way) and show it.


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    Post more info...

    It seems that working with a chart xaction does create the chart when hard-coded as the action. However, I cannot seem to change the xaction on the fly. I have not gotten a report to work. I'll try one of the sample reports. The latest reports (made with the new report wizard) have 3 files, and the main one is a [name].waqr.xaction, I don't know if this have something to do with it as well.

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    You're probably confusing the components.

    The ExecuteXActionComponents renders a button, that when clicked displays a "popup" with the result of that xaction

    The XactionComponent does what you describe.

    None of them require any hardcoded info. Should work
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