Hi !!

I am trying to migrate from pentaho 1.7 (with JBoss) to Pentaho 2 (with Tomcat) and I am facing a strange problem : we use the french accents like é è à etc... and the mondrian schema and the xactions are in ISO-8859-1. It was working well with Pentaho 1.7.

In Pentaho 2, if we use "new analysis view", it works OK (the accents are displayed correctly) but from an xaction, 'année' would become 'annÈe', 'clôture' would become 'clÙture', etc... and some MDX crash...

More, if we use first the "new analysis view" and then try an xaction, this xaction will systematically crash : we need to flush the mondrian cache in order to reuse the xactions !!

It looks like a bug : any idea ?