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    we developed and tested on Windows.
    But we have to use AIX.

    Can we install pentaho PDI on AIX and use there our transformations and jobs (developed on WIN XP)?

    Thank you in advice,

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    There is a JVM for AIX, so it *should* be possible.
    There's no promise that it will.

    I use jobs that were written on windows on a Linux box, so that part is possible.

    WARNING: When referencing transformations or sub-jobs, you need to ensure the directory separator is correct. (Posts in other threads say "/" works on all platforms, "\" only works on Windows)

    I no longer have AIX to play with, so I can't test to confirm for you.

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    Thak you very mutch!
    I hope it woud be possible, that I test soon. Then I will write here the result.

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