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Thread: Help with my first Virtual Cube Please! ! this gona make me crazy

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    Default Help with my first Virtual Cube Please! ! this gona make me crazy

    Hi Pentaho Community...
    Im trying make a virtual cube, im my schema have 2 cubes and 2 shared dim.

    When im publish the XML only with 2 cubes, works great!! but, when i add virtual cube, a bunch of errors appear in the log, and analisis blank...

    This is the Schema...

    Please, if someone have any idea or suggestion, please, ..

    Ill be appresiated..

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    please upload the log file which has the errors, usually the error is that the Dimensions and Measures specified in the virtual cube do not match the ones specified in the Base Cubes. Alternatively look at the foodmart cube for the correct syntax of including the dimensions and measures from the Base Cubes.
    Simplicity never killed anybody!

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    just saw your XML. As suspected you have specified the Measures incorrectly, please have a look at the Foodmart.xml which shows the correct usage of the Measures.

    Simplicity never killed anybody!

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