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Thread: Merging huge data together

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    Default Merging huge data together


    I have this req.

    I have 6 to 7 files of containing same columns, And has the data around 7 to 8 Mil records in each file.
    The data is sorted with in the files on the key column (ID).

    I need to merge all these 6/7 files and then send it as one file for further processing.

    Which Step would be better to do it in a more efficient way.

    a) if I have to merge all these files. Will the data be sorted overall ? - (I need the data to be sorted on the key Column)
    b) Will the Sorted Merge Step be efficient in handling the data ?
    c) Should i use a Dummy step here to merge for speedy processing ?


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    If you don't need to retain the sort, any step will merge the rows (union all).

    Sorted Merge is indeed very efficient in keeping the sort alive.

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