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Thread: Janino or Formula

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    Default Janino or Formula

    I habe been trying to use janino or formula in pdi 3.2 since they are biult-in.

    I have not been successful in either case.

    janino: I have no idea on what to enter in the janino expression. Everything I tried resulted in an error. expression as simpe as a + b, or 3 + 4 ..

    Formula: There seems to be a bug with the expression editor. The expressoin I enter seems to be erased as soon as I exit the step. The transformation fails bacause the expression is empty and when I go back to eit the exoression, it is empty.

    Any ideas, examples or suggestions on whitch to use. Janino seems very fast because it is pre-compiled, but I have no examples.


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    I'm still doing the documentation on that (hence the 3.2.0-GA delay) but Janino requires you to enter a Java expression. With that I mean the right side of a Java expression.

    For example:

    • Uppercase of a string: str.toUpperCase()
    • Add 2 integers: a+b
    • Set to a constant: 12345

    As for Formula : that step enables us to evaluate Oasis (OpenOffice Document) formula expressions. Grab a recent build from Hudson to get a fix for that OK button:


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