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Thread: Pentaho job - memory Allocations

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    Default Pentaho job - memory Allocations


    I have a main Job which runs on 8gigs Ram , which calls a Shell script Job and then based on success cdn calls a transformation.

    --- The shell script uses perl code to do ftping and some parsing stuff of the files... Which takes 1 hr.

    --- And the transformation job unloads some data from a table.

    My question is reg the memory allocations here

    1) Will the Shell Script uses the Main Job Ram that PDI has allocated to it . or OS is intelligent enough to allocate the memory needed by my shell script.

    2) If the OS is allocating the memory to the shell script.

    What happens to the 8 Gigs Ram which has been allocated to the Main Job. is that just kept on Hold for this Job itself?
    Or any job outside this JVM / Run by a diff Job Can use this ??

    3) If so Can i run the shell script and the transformation parallel , So that i can use of the JVM allocated memory ....So that FTP script runs and also my transformation runs at same time.
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