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Thread: Comparing from 2 database

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    Default Comparing from 2 database

    i wanted to synchronise the 2 databases that i have.

    the first database is the transaction database where records will be added or deleted anytime.

    i would like the 2nd database to be able to maintain the same records as the first database after every update.

    the method i am thinking of is to use "filter rows" steps to compare the primary key of the 2 databases and if its not in 2nd database, delete the records in 2nd database using "execute SQL script".

    however, it dont seems to work.
    anyone has any idea whats steps can be use to achieve this?

    Choon Boon

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    There are better tools out there than PDI to "just" synchronize 2 databases. Haven't found any good one open source, but most of these run around a couple of hundred USDs.


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