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Thread: Help! - need bugs fixed!

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    Default Help! - need bugs fixed!

    I posted a few minor bugs into the jira repository and was wondering what I can do to get them noticed... They should all be simple fixes - one similar one I submitted only took the guy 1 day to resolve. I would like to see if I can get some attention to these as they are all going to be required for the 3.2.0 release and it would really help me out if I can get them fixed - particularly the web service invocation one:



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    Well, quite simple, a) get people to vote for them, b) get your cash out, c) patch it yourself and submit the code.

    as they are all going to be required for the 3.2.0 release
    Also surely isn't it down to the developers to make the choice as to which bugs are fixed for which release?
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    d) find a developer to fix it for you

    Anyway, since our customers naturally get priority with these things there is only so much you can do to prioritize.

    Personally I try to group these bugs and feature requests around topics like Web Services, Mappings, Slowly Changing Dimensions. That way you can knock down a series of issues more easily with fewer context switches.
    With 900 open JIRA cases, that's the only way I see to get to a certain level of efficiency.

    If we miss 3.2.0 with these things, there's always 3.2.1, 3.2.2, trunk, etc. If you really think fixing these issues is critical, urgent or important, as Tom mentioned, consider getting a support contract.
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    I for one can vouch for the benefits of paid support I'm not convinced we'd still be using Pentaho without it!

    But also; I havent read those jira's, but if you provide a simple easy to reproduce example (maybe you already have) then thats likely to help.

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    Default Indeed...

    ya... agreed. Our company does actually have a support contract but they won't let anyone outside of a particular team use it and I have had some trouble getting the team to address the issue. (the reason for the post.)

    Agreed - it is up to the developer what gets fixed in which versions but I would have been surprised if they had released 3.2.0 w/o fixing these particular issues as all three were issues of components saving their settings when a save was executed.

    I think Matt's development methodology makes perfect sense and have no complaints.

    The group in my company is finally going to submit these issues but I will probably try and get them to give us access to support for future problems.



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