Nominations are now open for the fourth annual SourceForge Community Choice Awards 2009. The awards program allows the community to recognize open source software projects that are built with the highest quality, creativity and ingenuity.

Get the word out – Blog, Tweet, IM, IRC, Chat, Write on walls, Text, Sext, Call your mom or actually talk to people about nominating Pentaho!

We qualify for three categories:

  • Best Project for the Enterprise
  • Best Commercial Open Source Project
  • Best Project

You can Nominate Pentaho in all three categories.

URL to Nominate Pentaho:

HTML you can add to a blog etc:

<center><span style="font-weight:bolder;">
<a href=" - Business Intelligence&project_url="><img border="0" src=""/></a>
<br/>Nominate Pentaho</span></center><br/>
  <li>Best Project for the Enterprise</li>
  <li>Best Commercial Open Source Project</li>
  <li>Best Project</li>
Nominations will be accepted until May 29th, and the ten projects with the most nominations in each category will become finalists. The winners will be announced at a party, held at the Agenda Lounge in San Jose, CA, starting at 6:00 pm PT on the night of July 23rd, during the week of OSCON.

For more info: