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Thread: Controlling Workflow - Basic Question

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    Default Controlling Workflow - Basic Question

    Hi. I have a transformation with 3 specific workflows that looks like below.


    There are cases when I only want to run 1 of the 3 workflows. However I find that all workflows get executed when I run, event when the hop from (d) to (Wx) is disabled.

    I thought I could just put a Dummy step at the start with hops that connect to the 4 workflows and then just disable the hop from the dummy that I did not want to execute - but this does not work.

    I am sure there is going to be a painfully obvious answer to my question.

    Thank you,

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    in jobs job entries execute in sequence (if you don't specify parallel options). In transformations all steps start up in parallel (at the same time).

    So if you want to split your work flow you have to split your transformation.


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