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Thread: How to reuse xaction file for dashboard creation

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    Default How to reuse xaction file for dashboard creation

    Hi all,

    I have created a report having a PieChart using Report deisgner. When I publish it to the server 2 files are generated (xaction and xml).

    I want to create a dashboard by combining the above created Pie Chart along with other components.

    In my template.html I placed the below code:

    citySales =
    name: "citySales",
    type: "xaction",
    solution: "bi-developers",
    path: "cdf-samples/20-samples/a_dashboard",
    action: "a_sale_by_city.xaction",
    parameters: [],
    htmlObject: "saleCityObject",
    executeAtStart: true,


    where a_sale_by_city.xaction is the xaction file having my pie chart and I have placed this file in the path cdf-samples/20-samples/a_dashboard.

    When I see my dashboard page in the Pentaho UI server I see the Pie chart as I could see it in the Report designer.

    I want to make the sections in my Pie chart clickable so that I can capture the area clicked and display another report.

    I dont know how to do this.

    I had a look at the Territory sales example and saw their xaction file.
    The Territory sales xaction is different from my xaction.

    The Territory xaction file has the below code:

    <action-type>Pie Chart</action-type>

    whereas my xaction file has the following code:


    1.Can anyone please tell me how I can create the xaction as shown in the sample?

    2. For Pie Chart created using Report designer how can I make the sections clickable to make use of it in dashboards usinng CDF?

    I am new to Pentaho and having tough time with CDF.I have searched all the forums but haven't found any clue.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    pstoellberger Guest


    There is a good sample for charting with xactions in the bi-developers/cdf-samples/20-samples/home_dashboard
    Its using xactions to create charts (with the chartcomponent type and not jfreereport!!)
    Report Designer Charts are NOT xaction charts
    but you need xaction charts for dashboards.

    as i said, the best would be to have a look at the sample

    you can make the areas in the chart "clickable" by adding following line to the xaction (this is line 48 in territorySales.xaction the sample):
    <url-template><![CDATA[javascriptashboards.fireChange('territory', '{TERRITORY}')]]></url-template>

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    Thank you for your help. I installed Pentaho Design studio and created Pie Chart. I was able to make the chart clickable and get the reults I wanted.

    Thanks again

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