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Thread: Jpivot in MetaLayer.js

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    Default Jpivot in MetaLayer.js


    I'd like to add a jpivot block in my dashboard but I only have an example (map sample) to modify. I'd like to add it in Metalayer.js attached to my template instead from an xaction (I've tried it but I can't make it work).

    The goal is give some parameters from Metalayer.js to the Jpivot element.

    Is it possible? Or the only way is modify the map sample and do all other charts as xaction too?

    I'm using this definition in template.htm

    pivot =
    name: "pivot",
    type: "jpivot",
    solution: "cdf-samples",
    path: dashBoardName,
    action: "Pivot1.xaction",
    htmlObject: "pivot_object",
    executeAtStart: true,
    iframeHeight: "500px",
    iframeWidth: "850px",


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    You can pass parameters like in the other xactions...

    ... and can't we just pass the mdx query directly in the metalayer?
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    Yes, that's what I want to do, but I don't know how to build a 'template' for a jpivot element in Metalayer.js. I lack of knowledge of js and I don't know how to translate the xaction in a element definition for Metalayer.

    If I use the xaction, I must pass the parameters in the parameters: [["myparameter","myparameter"]] line, no? With 'myparameter' the output var of other element.

    I'm going to make some tests and tell the results.

    Thanks!!! (muito obrigado!!

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