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Thread: CDF and security

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    Default CDF and security

    I've just started playing with CDF and I firstly wanted to say Awesome.. It's potential seems limitless.

    The biggest advantage for me is removing the need to use the 'Prompt/Secure Filter' xaction. With that in mind I started looking into porting all my parameterised reports to CDF. Unfortunately I hit a road block fairly early.

    At the moment I use the 'principalName' security input in my xaction sequence to filter the data a user can see. (see I actually use it in the SQL used to generate some choices when prompting the user.

    i.e. The action sequence looks like this
    1. Get a list from the DB using the principalName in the SQL
    2. Prompt the user to select some choices using the returned result set
    3. Run the report

    I can't see how this is possible in CDF?

    It is possible to get any of the security objects defined in the above link?

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    Just get the list of the values you want to include in the report from a xaction - and in that xaction use that principalNames.

    If you're using MDX, you can just define the role as a session variable and it will be passed to every mdx query
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    Thanks for the quick reply. After reading it I had a closer look at the documentation and now see that some components can take an xaction. The first component I happened to look at was autocompletebox which doesn't take an xaction, hence my question.

    The auto complete box looks like a great component, any chance of that being able to use an xaction?

    Thanks again.
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