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Thread: Action sequence with one transformation but multiple steps

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    Default Action sequence with one transformation but multiple steps

    Hi Folks,

    I am creating a report as an action sequence using Penthao design studio. The action sequnce has the following

    • A kettle transformation TX with multiple steps
    • Report1 which gets its rows from step A of TX
    • Report2 as a subreport of Report1 and gets its rows from step B of TX
    • Report3 as a subreport of Report1 and gets its rows from step C of TX

    Pentaho design studio allows a user to select only one step as the output from a Kettle transformation and give it a name. I need to capture the output from multiple steps and name them differently so that each name can be used by a report. I did not find a way how I can do this.

    One alternative that I have is to copy the transformation TX into multiple transformations TX1 and TX2 and then give the desired name to the step that a report is interested in. However this incurs 3 times the run time as it needs to run the same transformation thrice which I feel is very expensive in my case.

    Any suggestions as to how I can solve the problem


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    That use-case is a bit to special to be covered by our system by default. However, Kettle is flexible, and one way blocked means there are only a million ones left to try

    As you said that runtime costs are high, why dont you just dump the data into a temporary table or file for the second and third step. This way, the separate transformations needed for the second and third dataset would be a simple "read from file and dump to report" kind and thus blazing fast and not expensive at all.
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