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Thread: Adhoc report format customization

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    Default Adhoc report format customization

    Hi all,

    I'd like to know if, as a business user, I'm able to choose the width of columns in my adhoc report. Further, I need to choose the separator (',' or ';') in a CSV report. The interface doesn't provide these features.
    Further, is there any configuration in the metadata and/or metadata editor which enables this feature? I only saw a percentage configuration for the column width, but it still doesn't solve my problem, 'cause it forces the column to follow the same percentage for all the reports.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No, the UI does not expose those settings. WAQR is based on the report-wizard's fileformat, so technically the backend should have the option to override the column width, but I do not know anyone insane enough to touch the front-end XSLT/javascript-UI to expose those settings.

    We also have no plans to breathe life into WAQR other than bugfixes, as it is cheaper to rebuild the beast from scratch with GWT (and more usability) than to try to clean up what's already there.
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