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Thread: creating tabs for dashboards

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    Default creating tabs for dashboards

    i am trying to implement the tabs for my dashboard just like those given in the cdf samples

    I have successfully created the 3 tabs that i want, but the second tab "Finance" is not displaying my component at all.
    I am trying to display a jpivot in that tab.
    i have tested my jpivot already and it work well.
    below is my declaration for my jpivot component.
    cashPivot =
    type: "jpivot",
    name: "cashPivot",
    solution: "PCB",
    path: "DashboardswTabs",
    action: "cashPivot.xaction",
    htmlObject: "cashPivotDiv",
    iframeHeight: "500px",
    iframeWidth: "850px",
    executeAtStart: true
    the first tab "operation" works very well, displaying all the components that i have set.

    any idea what is wrong?
    What do i need to set to make it work?

    Below is snippets of my code for my dashboard
    <div id="example">
                    <li><a href="#Operation"><span>Operation</span></a></li>
                    <li><a href="#Finance"><span>Finance</span></a></li>
                    <li><a href="#code"><span>Code</span></a></li>
                <div id="Operation" style="width:93%">
                 //All the tables and div for the components are here
                <div id="Finance" style="width:93%">
                    <table style="padding:0px margin:0px">
                        <td align="center">
                                <div id="cashPivotDiv"></div>
                <div id="code">
                    <textarea cols="80" rows="40" id="samplecode">
    Attach is screen shot that i got to illustrate what i mean.

    Choon Boon
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    The only thing I can suggest - cause I can't debug remotely - is to look at the jpivot sample ans see if you detect something wrong
    Pedro Alves
    Meet us on ##pentaho, a FreeNode irc channel

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    Hi i follow the jpivot sample to get the tabs.

    i have tried putting the jpivot on the first tab and it work.
    But if i put the jpivot on the second tab, it doesnt show anything.

    i am thinking that it is not triggered because its in the second tab, while the dashboards only loads things on the first tab?

    What do you think?

    How to tell the dashboard to load the component when i click on the (be it second or third...)tabs?
    Like "onclick" or something?

    Do you have any experience trying to put components in the second tab before? If yes,does it work?

    Choon Boon

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    CDF doesn't have the concept of tabs, so everything is loaded

    I suspect there's some problem with the tabs plugin when used with iframes, but can't tell you much more
    Pedro Alves
    Meet us on ##pentaho, a FreeNode irc channel

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