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Thread: Relative Date Picker

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    Default Relative Date Picker

    I saw the proposal at

    We are using Pentaho for production reporting. A lot of reports are not by day but by shift. This means that we need to specify the date and the time. So i would like to see this dat apicker extended by a time field.

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    Thats the dateRangePicker component from CDF; Till now we've opted to separate the two inputs (date and time) like we separate them physically in the db.

    I have searched but failed to find a decent component where one could specify both parameters at the same time, and always opted to prompt for the extra time parameter separately, either prompting for Shift: <dropdown> or Hour: <dropdown>

    I'd be happy to hear alternatives, though
    Pedro Alves
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    Originally I was looking at the relative date picker as an easy way for user to select specific time periods such as a week ago from today as well as specific start and end date. Then we thought that it would be good if the date patterns could be configurable. The scenario of selecting a date pattern or date range as well as time is interesting. I’m looking to design this as a common control that we could use in many places so I’d have to investigate further. I agree with Pedro that separating the date picker and time/shift (dropdown) should work. One thing I do like about this picker is that it first appears as a list but as user selects option requiring more input the fly out is displayed.

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