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Thread: problem sending a value to a new cdf component

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    Default problem sending a value to a new cdf component

    I'm trying to create a new component, which I would like to pass a JSON (queryComponent result) I have stored in the variable query_resultset.

    This component keeps in query_resultset the JSON correctly, but I don't know how can I get in my new component in CoreComponents.js this value.
    If in metalayers from my new definition I pass -> paramJson: "query_resultset" I take in my component in CoreComponents the string and not the value and if I put paramJson: query_resultset, any component is displayed.

    transformJson = 
        name: "transformJson",
        type: "jSONComponent",
        htmlObject: "jsonObject",
        executeAtStart: true,
        jsonDefinition: MetaLayerHome2.jsonComponentDefinition,
        //parameters: [["query_result","query_resultset"]],
        result: "jsonTest",    //Where the JSON transformed will be stored
        postExecution: function(){
    var MetaLayerHome2 = {
    jsonComponentDefinition: {
        paramJson: "query_resultset",
    Can anyone help me?

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    I found the solution:

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    wow, taqua's rule really works!

    Quote Originally Posted by taqua
    Hide until they find the solution, my professors always told me
    Pedro Alves
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