Hi Guys,

I've been using Kettle about 8 hours a day for only about the past year and counting... hopefully I've been using it the right way as well as the "wrong" way (in a good way) if that makes sense.

I was wondering if it would be ok with the Kettle team if I wrote a book and possibly passed it on to O'Reilly or something...

I am a computer science graduate that does ETL and statistics every day for work and side projects and I will be co-authoring with a DBA with a degree in statistics that has a vast amount of ETL experience. So hopefully this book would cover ETL from the software perspective as well as the database perspective.

Included in the book (if you guys are ok with it) would be my experiences with Kettle, Kettle "oddities" (yes, I love it, but it does have some quirks), and possibly a tutorial on writing a plugin/extending kettle. It will also include examples beyond the "examples" directory included with Kettle, and it will include a more detailed usage of the steps, and include some good ways I've found to debug Kettle jobs and transformations.

Let me know what you think! The reason why I would like to do this is because my co-workers tell me every day that I should write a book on Kettle. I will not proceed without the blessing of Matt Casters...

- Mike