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Thread: Data Access Sprint 3

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    wgorman Guest

    Default Data Access Sprint 3

    This is our final feature sprint for CITRUS. In this sprint, we'll be doing a lot of little things. You can read about the stories the team has committed to here:

    Some of the highlights include porting our common database dialog to GWT, supporting the deletion of data sources, as well as adding support for parameterization in the metadata query model layer.

    We're also doing some upgrades in this sprint within the BI Platform, including moving to Kettle 3.2 and Mondrian 3.1.1.


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    wgorman Guest


    We've now completed Data Access Sprint 3, which includes a new database dialog within Data Access, as well as more functionality in CSV data sources, such as being able to specify the delimiter and having the field types autodetected. You can see the entire list on the wiki page:

    One of the areas we're most excited about that we accomplished this sprint is integrating WebDriver into Hudson, our continuous integration system. We have a couple of basic WebDriver tests that you can check out here if you are interested (in source code):


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