Dear Kettle-devs,

The first phase of the refactoring of the Repository class is mostly done.
This means that first all non-essential references were removed from the main metadata classes (TransMeta, JobMeta, etc).
Then the Repository class was turned into an Interface and the original class renamed to KettleDatabaseRepository.
Now I'm working on making Repository types generic in the sense that you'll be able to define multiple repository types.
For example:
- Relational Database Repository (existing Kettle repository)
- File system repository (simple directory somewhere)
- ZIP file Repository (read-only repository)
- CWM Repository (Content management, versioning, etc)
- CMIS repository
- Subversion repository
- Git repository
- VSS repository
- etc.

All these could be made to talk to the same interface. It's clear that in the course of the M1 release of PDI 4.0 the interface itself is going to change.
However, we should arrive in a situation where anyone can write a new repository implementation if he/she desires to do so.

Incidentally, we manged to keep the existing plugins source code compatible with 3.x. However, because Repository changed from a Class to an Interface, it doesn't really like to load the older plugins.
Because we're talking about open source software, I don't consider to be a major hurdle. Re-compiling against the 4.x kettle libraries should be too much of a problem.

Finally, because there is a need for extra metadata (repository type ID, etc), there are going to be more changes to the underlying repository code (RepositoryMeta), the capabilities of the repository (metadata, user management, security, etc) but also the dialogs. I think this is the right time to make some changes to the dialogs to make the creation, removal, naming, etc more intuitive and cleaner as well as the login procedure.

All in all I'm pretty excited about the progress and the possibilities that are opening up.

All the best,


Matt Casters <mcasters (AT) pentaho (DOT) org>
Chief Data Integration
Fonteinstraat 70, 9400 OKEGEM - Belgium - Cell : +32 486 97 29 37
Pentaho : The Commercial Open Source Alternative for Business Intelligence

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