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Thread: A new version of GeoKettle released!

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    Default A new version of GeoKettle released!

    The GeoSOA research group is proud to announce the release of a new version of GeoKettle (GeoKettle v3.2.0-20090609). GeoKettle is a "spatially-enabled" version of Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle). This special distribution of Kettle includes extensions which enable the use of geospatial (GIS) data. GeoKettle is then a true and powerfull spatial ETL tool. Like Kettle, GeoKettle is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) license.

    GeoKettle is a realization of the GeoSOA research group (headed by Prof. Thierry Badard, of the Department of geomatics sciences at Laval University, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

    What is new since release 3.1.0-20081103?

    • The GeoKettle extensions were ported to the new Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) version 3.2.0-stable. As such, this release of GeoKettle includes all the improvements from the new PDI version.
    • Added a "GIS File Output" step. At present, this step supports the writing of Shapefiles.
    • Added support for Spatial Reference Systems (SRS). SRS metadata was added to ValueMeta for Geometry fields. Steps allowing to set a SRS ("Set SRS") and transform coordinates (reproject) of geometries from one SRS to another ("SRS Transformation") have also been developed. The SRS support is based on GeoTools' implementation of coordinate reference systems (org.opengis.referencing package).
    • In line with SRS support, SRS metadata for PostGIS and Oracle Spatial DBMS is retrieved and written when reading/writing geometry columns. To conform to integrity constraints when writing to a geometry column, one must ensure that the SRS in GeoKettle matches the one defined for the geometry column in the DBMS.
    • Reading and writing SRS metadata (in the form of .PRJ files containing WKT definitions of SRS) is also supported when reading/writing Shapefiles in the GIS File Input/Output steps.
    • Updated GeoTools libraries to version 2.5.5 and JTS to version 1.10.

    The GeoKettle project is now also available on Sourceforge at:

    A subversion repository for direct access to the last version of the GeoKettle sources has been set up. The project subversion repository can be checked out through SVN with the following instruction set:

    svn co geokettle

    This is a generic Subversion checkout command which will pull all modules, tags and/or branches of the project. You will want to add '/trunk' to the HTTPS URL above to check out only trunk (main development line).

    You can also directly browse the SVN at:

    An issue tracking system is also available online at:

    The mailing lists have finaly been moved to sourceforge in order to allow the access to the archives.

    I hope you will enjoy this new release of GeoKettle.

    Best regards,

    Prof. Thierry Badard, Ph.D.

    Professor in geoinformatics
    GeoSOA research group (
    Centre for Research in Geomatics
    Laval University, Quebec City, Canada

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    Congratulations with this release Thierry!!
    Also congratulations on building GeoMondrian, that looks really nice too.

    In case you haven't noticed, we started to work on PDI 4.0.
    With that in mind, please let us know how we can make your life easier with respect to the changes you do to Kettle.

    What can we change in the architecture (ValueMeta etc) to make it easier for you to keep up with Kettle development?
    We have plans to ship with an object factory so you could simply replace/extend classes, but I'm sure you have some ideas of your own.

    In the end, the goal is to keep code duplication minimal :-)

    All the best,


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