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Thread: Infobright Loading

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    Default Infobright Loading

    I have created a transformation which contains 15 unique steps which simply takes data from 15 different tables (using table Input) and loads this into infobright.

    I attach the ktr for further clarifications.

    The problem i am facing is that the transformation run fine loading all the data in each of the 15 tables in Infobright however, its leaving some connections open which means the Transformation is not stopping and its in a run mode.

    Any ways to come around this problem will be highly appreciated.
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    I have no idea what you mean. I'm sure the database connections get closed.
    Perhaps this is an ICE/IEE limitation?

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    I am the developer of the Infobright output step.

    Can you confirm that all tables for output are unique? You cannot load the same table in parallel at the same time.

    Please do the following test:
    1) Run the transformation until the end. It "hangs"
    2) Log on to the mysql> prompt in Infobright
    3) do "show full processlist" command

    Post the processlist output here and I'll take a look.


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    Are there any errors in your Kettle log file? I did a test and found that it is very easy to run out of memory when launching multiple loads in the same transformation.

    Each Infobright loader launches as a separate process, and consumes the amount of memory specified in the LoaderMainHeapSize parameter in your brighthouse.ini file. This can quickly add up.

    I recommend splitting out your loads into 3 separate transformations, that load 5 tables each, and run them sequentially in a Kettle job.

    Also, do not run more loads in parallel than the number of CPU cores on your server.

    Also, make sure you are using the latest release of Kettle, which contains the Infobright core library version 2.4. (under libext/infobright-core-2.4.jar).

    Good luck,

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    where is your ktr attach

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