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Thread: Ways to make user friendly parameters pass through?

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    Unhappy Ways to make user friendly parameters pass through?

    I would like to create an ETL solution where a user can have an easy way to drive the day to day operation. For example, if the user wants to change today's transformation from JUN to MAR, he/she can make a change on a parameter file. This parameter file gets read by PDI in a transformation and work its magic.

    Now I considered XML Input which is ok for developers but not business users.

    Then I consider Excel Input. But the way it reads are like column records:

    Start Period, End Period, Metadata Directory, Data Directory
    JUN, SEP, c:\metadata, c:\data

    ...but the problem is I have over 50 parameters and editing 50 columns is not intuitive.

    Does anyone know of a way where I can read in parameters like Windows .ini file where:


    and each of the variable/value pair will be read into the transformation, parsed and become their own variable.

    How do you do this in a transformation? Thanks for any help.

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    This type of file is in our terminology a Properties file.

    Input steps are provided. Since you are getting key/value pairs, you need a few lines of JavaScript to set the variables. (see the setVariable() sample)


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    You can read those files using the "Property Input" and normally you use two fields with it (e.g. key and value)... works pretty good - at least for me so far

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