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Thread: Repository to File Switch

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    Default Repository to File Switch

    Hi everybody,

    I was playing a little bit with files and repository... because using the repository parameters don't really work... so I set up my integration process based on files and I had this great idea - so that I don't have to modify everything after the bug with the params using a repository is fixed - to fill all the fields of a job or transformation used also with values for the repositoy:

    e.g. using a Job-Step within a job:
    Name of Job: Rep_MyJob
    Repository directory: /
    Job filename: file:///C:/Trans/File_MyJob

    Than I realized that this is not possible because Spoon or Pan or ... will always use the file (even if I'm connected to a repository)...

    So I tried it with variables:
    Name of Job: ${rep_myjob}
    Repository directory: ${repdir_myjob}
    Job filename: ${file_myjob}

    and my plan was to set e.g. ${file_myjob} = "" when I use the repository and vice versa...

    Well this is also not possible cause somehow Spoon or Pan or ... is not intrested in the "result" after evaluating the variables it is looking at those fields before (so if there is a ${file_myjob} it will use an empty-path)...

    Does anybody have any other idea how to manage this? I also think that it could be really intresting in developing, cause files are better to put under version control (well at least I think so...) but repository (with user rights etc.) is better in production... so a switch between repository or file (or better what to prefer) would be nice...

    Thanks for any ideas hope you understand my idea/problem

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    It's an interesting problem wrt the changes I'm making in PDI 4.0.
    I guess the answer is you have to choose to use either a repository or a file based storage system.

    In a repository the identifier of a transformation (or job) is the directory and the name. With a file you can only use the filename.

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    Thanks a lot for your answer!

    I thought that... and I really like the repository... my problem is that the parameters do not work using repositories (or is there a bug fix so far)... thats why I tried to set up this workaround (using files as long as needed and switch back to repository )... well I try to find another way and ask you guys than for feedback ...

    Thanks again for the answer!

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