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Thread: Dynamic linking btw diff report files in PRD using Hyperlink option for the lables

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    Question Dynamic linking btw diff report files in PRD using Hyperlink option for the lables

    Hi All,

    I have a scenario where suppose i have 3 different *.report files that are created using Pentaho Report Designer - call them, and respectively and all these are in the same directory. Now in each file i have 3 different labels called OneFile TwoFile and ThreeFile with the hyperlinks for each lable. Now if i am viewing file on web then if i click on the hyperlink named TwoFile then i should see file on the web and same with ThreeFile hyperlink.what should i actually specify in the URL part of the Hyperlink Option for the lables. Bascially i want to take the help of hyperlinks to navigate between all these three pages on web.
    This is very important feature that i need to include in my project.
    Any kind of information would be a great help for me.


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    Post hyperlinking from one report to other

    Hi priyanka,

    in your case

    U need to publish the reports(along with the xaction file), and to the Pentaho BI server in a certain folder(u need to create it), let us say 'MyReports' for eg...

    now the url of the file published action sequence will be something like this:

    http://localhost:8080/pentaho/ViewAc...on=two.xaction (for your file...

    this url can be given in the report design before you upload it.

    u can also edit the xml file after uploading to the server using design studio.. but being new to the system, i suggest you to first edit the hyperlink and then publish....

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    Default Dynamic Hyperlinking

    Hi madhupenta,

    I have created a report which has a hyperlink to another report and it works very nicely for me. The hyperlinks starts with

    Now, I have to deploy these files to another server so that I can run the reports on both the server but if I do that I need to change the hyperlinking to http://IP2:8080/pentaho/ViewAction at all the places which is not possible for me and so the reports are not working on the other server though the folder structure is same...

    Is there a way where I can make the hyperlink reports such that they are not IP specific ?

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