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Thread: Carte and Pan/Kitchen - don't get along?

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    Default Carte and Pan/Kitchen - don't get along?

    Hi -
    I created a transform and executed it remotely via spoon - it runs on the remote carte server. The carte server is running on localhost.
    However, if I execute the same transform from pan - it runs locally and does not use carte.

    So I then created a wrapper job for this transform. It executes remotely from spoon only when the I hard code the path to the transform (.ktr) file. If I use variables - I can see the error messages on the carte server that it cannot locate the .ktr file.
    If I execute the same job from kitchen - it runs locally and does not use carte.

    I did not see any reference to clustering via cmd line tools in But I think this capability would be good to have.

    I am attaching the transform and job files I used. What am I missing?

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    That "wrapper" is called the Transformation job entry.

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