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Thread: Salesforce plug-in -Salesforce API version

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    Default Salesforce plug-in -Salesforce API version

    I am able to connect to my salesforce instance if I use the default Salesforce Webservice URL of "". I need to use version 16 of salesforce API to access a new sObject only available in version 16. When I change the URL to "" I get an error when I Test Connection. In fact, I get an error when I try to connect to any API version greater than 10.0 Can anyone provide steps to configure this step for salesforce API version 16.0?

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    the target Url depends on the API version (currently 10.0 in PDI).
    .. so you have to update SF jar files in kettle (see libext\salesforce folder in PDI install) with the equivalent 16 lib files (i guess from SF/APEX website).
    I really don't if it will works, you have to check by yourself.

    Also we can upgrade API if the coming PDI 4.0 :-)

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