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Thread: Basic Dimensional Modeling Question

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    Default Basic Dimensional Modeling Question

    Hi all,

    I am new to dimensional modeling.

    I am learning how to do dimensional modeling.
    My question is where should the calculated aggregates kept? In Fact tables or as cubes?

    For example,

    I have the following Dimensions
    - Student Dimension
    StudentId(PK), StudentName

    - Subject
    SubjectId(ID), SubjectName

    - Fact Table

    Should aggregates like CGPA, AverageCGPA, HighPerfomersCount, etc be in the Fact Table or should they be considered as cubes?

    Please help me...

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    Hi there! Have you looked through ? There is quite a lot of info on this topic as well as several tools that should be helpful with defining and populating such tables. If I am not mistaken, Mondrian can be made aware of these tables when executing MDX queries.

    - JB

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