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Thread: need help in dashboard

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    Default need help in dashboard


    iam new user to pentaho community , actually it's really good work and wana thank people working on it

    i just have problem using dashboard

    i downloaded Business intelligence suit "trial version", and i wana to make dashboard

    i followed the steps in documentation , but actually i wana import my own data source and i can't add it , when choosing data source i found it's only viewing sample data that comes with pentaho
    and also it hangs my pc and close my browser
    am using windows vista home basic, but i tried reports and it's working

    sorry for this long article , but i need any help plaz as soon as possible

    thanks in advance

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    pstoellberger Guest


    what datasource do you want to import?
    what exactly are you trying to do? using the dashboard designer to create with existing widgets a dashboard?

    you need to create those widgets (charts etc.) first, before you can create a dashboard that includes those

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    thanks for your reply
    actually i have tables in MySQL database and i want to make dashboard for specific columns in specific table

    actually i don't understand your words , " you need to create those widgets (charts etc.) first, before you can create a dashboard that includes those "

    i searched in dashboard documentation and what i found was charts already created using the samples , but i didn't know how these charts was created and i searched in all buttons after opening user console and i didn't reach anything.

    actually iam totally new to pentaho , so it's not clear yet to me

    Thanks again and hope i replied to you

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    pstoellberger Guest


    those charts were created separately, manually and not within the user console

    they were created using pentaho design studio and/or the community dashboard framework

    try to search for that stuff in the forums or on the wiki

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