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Thread: Unable to generate line in BarLine chart using citrus milestone 5

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    Default Unable to generate line in BarLine chart using citrus milestone 5

    I am using the Citrus Milestone 5 version of Pentaho and am trying to generate a BarLine chart.

    The bar chart is generated without a problem but the line chart does not appear despite setting the secondary datasource and all the other parameters.

    Can someone please tell me how this is done? Is there any specific parameter setting that I a missing here?

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    I guess you won't get an answer from anyone because you didn't provide enough information. There are lots of possibilities of what might be wrong so you should probably attach your report file or at least show some screenshots and provide some information about your data.



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    Actually, its a bug. The chart-expressions are in a funny state at the moment and we will return to normal levels of insanity shortly.
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