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Thread: entring fields in specific locations

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    Default entring fields in specific locations

    Hello ,

    i wanna know something , can i insert values from input to specific fields in output??

    for example , if i have text file input contain only 3 fields and i have table output with 7 fields , can i insert the input fields in fields number 3, 5 ,6 in output field????

    waiting a reply

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    pstoellberger Guest


    you can define a database mapping in the table output step to define which columns shall be inserted at which column in the table

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    do you mean , mapping output specification in mapping menu???
    if you were meaning this , actually i tried it but what i understood from the examples posted in wiki , i have to add java script step
    and also the example was about concatanening values and put it in output , not in spoecific location in output

    if you have an example like what i want please send me the link

    iam searching about how to do it , but actually i can't achieve result


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    No, that mapping is to create sub-transformations.

    You have to use a Select Values Step. (Transform category of steps)
    Put it between the text file input and the table output, and use the Edit Mapping button to map the input and output.

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    Actually, it's easier now in PDI >= 3.2.0

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    Thank you Matt, and thanks every one for your replies

    acyually i tried with 3.2 , it's perfect

    thanks alot

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