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Thread: Again... Parameters don't work, but this time even with files

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    Default Again... Parameters don't work, but this time even with files


    can somebody verify my problem, that parameters don't work (even using files instead of repositories) in the case of "Mapping"-Step?

    I have some jobs (all as kjb-files) and transformations (all as .ktr-files) - so no repository is used -, whereby one job calls a transformation and within this transformation a Mapping Step is used. The Mapping Step calls or better maps to transformation A, whereby A has parameters (transformation-settings -> parameters). Those parameters are set in the Mapping Step (tab parameters). But the parameters are not passed...

    If I remember correctly than this (Mapping Step) worked using a repository, but using parameters in the transformation or job step did not work. It seems that it is exactly the other way using files (Mapping Step is not working with parameters, but transformation and step is).

    I added a comment to a Jira ( a long time ago, but I guess nobody is intrested in this problem or can verify the problem.

    Thanks for listing and maybe verifying
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