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    Default How to do...

    ... this?

    I have one input A with three fields:
    - column : String
    - is-value : String
    - new-value : String

    And I have another input B from a database:
    type : integer
    name : string
    height : integer
    width : integer
    comment : string

    Now I have to change the values of the columns saved in A (field column) to new-value if the current value is is-value in B... any ideas?
    e.g. in A is a row with:
    - column = "height"
    - is-value = "100"
    - new-value = "150"
    that means that every height-field in B with a value of 100 have to be changed to 150...

    I had a solution using a repository and the "Mapping-Step" but this solution does not work with files (kjb, ktr) cause it uses named parameters with the "Mapping-Step"... any ideas?

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    You can use a javascript step.
    You can read the filed with field.getString() (if value if a string)
    and change the value with fieldName.setValue().
    Example, adding 10 to height value:

    valueAux = height.getNumber() + 10

    height.setValue (valueAux)

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    I love the JavaScript Step ... but I'm not sure how this should work with this step... Cause I have two different inputs... one with the values (and columns) to change and one with the data... how can I access both in JavaScript?

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