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Thread: pre defined funtions in JS

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    Default pre defined funtions in JS

    Dear all

    i want to write a js function in mod java script which can be reused in other steps (mod java script) of the same transformation

    for example some function like the lenth of a particular field to be checked not to exceed a certain value...

    function lengthCheck(var fieldname, var fixlength)

    which return boolean checking the length has exceded certain value fixed length mentioned.

    is this possible in mod java script step ... and how can i reuse this function in other mod java script steps..
    Has any one implemented any thing of this sort in there transformation..

    Thanks in advance.

    sarat kiran

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    To reuse something in a transformation, you should move the functionality to a sub-transformation (mapping).

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    You can also use the "LoadScriptFile()" function.


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