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Thread: Oracle Bulk Loader and # of copies to start

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    Smile Oracle Bulk Loader and # of copies to start

    Hi All,

    I see that the Oracle BulkLoader has the setting to start multiple copies.

    I am curious if one could use the CSV Input step with the "running in parallel" checked and have a process where parts of a flat file are read and pushed to an instance of the Ora Bulk Loader?

    Inother words if I have a HUGE file that I interface with using the CSV Input step with running in parallel checked and I have that joined via a hop to the Oracle Bulk Loader and I set that step to start 6 copies.

    Does that mean that under the covers the flat file will be accessed by 6 threads reading diff parts of that huge file and then I'll be able to see that 6 Oracle Bulk Loaders are running in parallel and loading the same target table.

    Anyone done this? Does it work?

    If not what behaviour should I expect?



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    I'm sure you'll see that the limiting factor is Oracle itself.
    I think I tried it once.

    You can read a CSV File in parallel with "CSV Input", for example in 2 copies. Then the next step launch 2 copies of the "Ora Bulk Loader". That would load half of the records in copy 0 and half in copy 1.

    Try it, see what happens.

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