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Thread: SCD type 1 and type 2 for the same dimension

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    Default SCD type 1 and type 2 for the same dimension

    I've got a dimension table that needs to be updated directly (type1) if one of the columns changes, but need to have a new insert record (type2) if another column changes. I tried to work it out with the Dimension lookup/ update step but I couldn't get it to work. Neither with Insert/ Update step. Can anybody point me to the right direction? I definitely need the dimension lookup/ update step for all those extra columns and time management that it performs. I was wondering if I need to use another step with it.
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    Use the Dimension Lookup / Update step.

    Default for Lookup / Update fields based on the key is "Insert", but you can change that to "Update" or "Punch Through"

    I know that one of those options will do what you want, just not sure which.

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