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Thread: Problem with using 3.1.x and 3.2 with the same user

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    Default Problem with using 3.1.x and 3.2 with the same user


    I am still using Kettle 3.1.4 and I looked into 3.2 to find an error for a customer. When I switched back to 3.1.4 I could not find any of my transformations and steps in my repository. The only thing I could see were my directories. This might have happened because I had both programs open at the same time, maybe it always happens. The solution that I found was to delete all files in .kettle directory except for I had to reenter my repository connection, but afterwards everything was back to normal. I know that the repositories are different, but something must also be different about the files. So, if you also run into this problem, this seems to be the solution.



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    It *should* all be fine. Repositories.xml format wasn't changed in years ever since repositories were conceived since the PDI 1.2 days.
    So perhaps it's a locking issue somewhere/somehow. I know Windows can be nasty with exclusive file locks and all.

    Just don't mess with PDI 4.0 and repositories ... yet. :-)

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    I was the sole user on both repositories at the time. So, I do not think it was a locking problem. I also retried accessing a number of times. Only when I erased those files, I was able to access my transformations and jobs again. Yes, the xml file format still looks the same.
    I got into the repositores and saw the directory structure, just no transformations and jobs.
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    Well, in general it's obviously a very bad idea to mix versions when dealing with central repositories. We even give an upgrade warning for the repository. Perhaps we should do this as well for the software.

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    I used the correct versions of the program to access the connected repository. Kettle 3.1.4 for an 3.1.x repository and Kettle 3.2 for an 3.2 repository.

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    The problem also remains, when I open 3.2.0, close it and then open 3.1.4.

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