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Thread: Problem with accents in pdf format

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    Default Problem with accents in pdf format


    I have some issue with french charaters when choosing pdf as report format.
    All letters with accents like é,è ... are discarded from the pdf view.

    It's ok with html/csv/xls/rtf format. The text I try to display is a static one (label) from the report designer.

    Any idea ?

    My pentaho version is the one from the 3.0.0 stable tar. It runs under red hat linux with sun java 1.5.0.

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    Ok, found myself.

    I had to go to the "configuration" parameter for the report in report designer.
    Then, choosed the output-pageable-pdf parameters tab.
    I changed the default encondig "CPxxxx" by ISO-8859-1.

    Is there a way to do that globaly for all report done with the report designer ?

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    err, you can do it in your platform globally by setting that parameter in not sure about changing the designer default.

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    Exactly the same thing. There is one in the "resources" directory.
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    Default Problem with accents in pdf format

    Currently you should configure the ../WEB-INF/classes/ file instead of, you must add the line: org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.modules.output.pageable.pdf.Encoding=ISO-8859-1

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