On Wednesday 3PM London time (or 10AM Orlando time) we will give a Community Web-Ex about how Reporting Changes in the upcoming Citrus-Release.

Aside from officially announcing the switch from our well-loved, most-hated-by-sales “0.8.x” version numbering schema, we will shed some light what new features we have and on how the new features will make your reporting life easier. During the first part, we will give an short overview about the new stuff (and the reasons behind it) and also explain the changed relationship of the new reporting engine and the BI-Platform. As we all know, that there is no other truth than working code, the second part will demonstrate how to utilize parameters, the new datasources and the Rich-Text engine (along with the magic wizard), to build a simple interactive ad-hoc reporting solution. Building this solution should be fast, so we’ll have plenty of time for questions and answers at the end of the Web-Ex.

The web-ex information will be available via the Pentaho-Forum.