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Thread: reading and parsing weblogs

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    Default reading and parsing weblogs

    I need to know if Kettle has inbuilt input for reading and parsing web logs.

    I've read and checked the regex evaluation of the kettle and following links

    I'm trying to check if kettle has any built in input for reading weblogs and parse them into fields, just like log parser kind of product.

    I've not checked the 3.2 release yet but i'll.

    Matt and others, please let me know if kettle can do weblog reading and parsing.

    Have a wonderful day !

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    File / Open:

    samples/transformations/Regex Eval - parse NCSA access log records.ktr

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    Thanks Matt, i did see that transformation before posting.

    I do have one more question.

    In my table output, line and is_match is also coming with Capture group fields. I've the capture group fields exactly same like you do.

    Is there a way to avoid the "line and is_match" coming in output with Capture group fields. i'm storing them in mysql db and i really don't need the full line and match value. I only need the capture group fields in table output.

    Appreciate your help.

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    2 solutions :
    1- use select values step to remove fields that you don't want in the stream
    2- for >=PDI3.2, use mapping in table output


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