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Thread: Please, change this forum name to "Русский" instead of incorrect "Русско"

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    Default Please, change this forum name to "Русский" instead of incorrect "Русско"

    Hello, All

    1. Please, change the name of the forum to "Русский" from incorrect word "Русско"

    2. Please, could you tell me where to get English strings to translate? We are ready to provide the draft solution -- just to show our Russian proposals a really Russian interface of the Product.

    I already tried to find "Pre-Build" solution for download, but did not succeeded.
    I already know that I need to create "*" files and fill them accordingly.

    Where to get the English prototypes?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Best reagards,
    Pavel Ledkovsky
    BI Architect at RAMEC-VS ( RUSSIA

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    Please, take a look at this thread.

    Thanks in advance.

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    dmoran Guest



    1. Sorry about the incorrect spelling. That has been fixed.

    2. Which product are you translating? They should be in files

    For translating the platform:
    Unfortunitely it hasn't been updated for 3.0 but the concepts should be the same

    Admin Console:

    For Kettle:


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    Thanks a lot for answering!

    1. Thanks. It really matters for me to see the correct spelled Russian words on foreign web resources.

    2. I have already seen the pages you are pointing at. Please, could you make this more clear: "You can do this using the Pre-Configured Installation and a text editor."
    What particulary is "Pre-Configured Installation"? And what exact filename mask is to find and translate the product (we are considering English-to-Russian translation of BI Server portal part).

    Thanks a lot for your cooperation.


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