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Thread: Double Length Characters

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    Default Double Length Characters

    I have a feed from SAP that I am trying to load into an Oracle database. I am getting some fields that contain data with double-length characters such as "Å." When I try to store that in Oracle, it gives me an error on column size even though the string only has 20 characters (the characters are just too big).

    I could increase my field size but I don't know how many of these characters I will get. Having these characters is also incorrect in the data so I'd like to parse them out.

    Is there an easy way to find "double length" characters in general or will I have to search for each double length character that I come across?

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    It's an Oracle thing. VARCHAR2(20) means 20 bytes, not characters.

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    My favorite Oracle pet problem

    If you're still at the start of your project, convince your Oracle DBA's to run the target database in UTF8 (AL32UTF8) mode with character length semantics... and all of your problems will go away (if you mainly use Java to access the database).

    If you don't run UTF8 you can work around it, but eventually you will hit a "brick wall". In Oracle 9i e.g. you could possibly need 3 times the space normally allocated (depending on client and server encoding settings), this behaviour changed in Oracle 10g.

    There's an asciify plugin available for PDI (still have to upload the correct version for 3.2) which will try to convert or strip double characters. It was written for something like you want to do.


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