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Thread: Oracle and Unicode (again)

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    Default Oracle and Unicode (again)

    i've read many threads about Oracle and unicode in the forum. Everything about "Globalisation", but i still get wrong characters:
    I connected with an ODBC-Connection to a Oracle DB. Everything is ok.
    I created an connection via the Table input step and downloaded some test-data. But the unicode characters arn't display in the right way.
    I looked at the Database configuration (Characterset AL32UTF8; LANGUAGE AMERICAN; TERRITORY AMERICA). I changed the setting on the client (Changing Values in the Registry).
    Nothing has changed...
    When i connect to the same database with the same ODBC-Connection with another tool, everything is ok.
    Can anyone help me, where i can change some other settings?

    Thank you!

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    pstoellberger Guest


    can you try with the JDBC driver as well?
    so you know if its the db / odbc driver / pdi

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    With Oracle whenever the client and server use the same encoding, Oracle doesn't do anything. Your server is in AL32UTF8, your client uses pure java (not ODBC) then you normally don't have a problem.

    But other problems may happen. From experience what looks like your description:
    Suppose you have multiple client applications... and one application uses a different client encoding internally (a C client using wide characters e.g.), but does set UTF8 as client encoding... Oracle thinks it's UTF8 and doesn't do anything. Result: that specific client can read and write data as it expects. But any other application using real UTF8 sees garbage.

    Suggestion: download SQL developer from Oracle, connect with SQLDeveloper using JDBC to your database. And select your data. If your data looks like garbage you have the problem above.


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