I don 't know whether this is a bug or just expected behavior:
I use "Delete" step to delete rows before inserting into table. Table has 3 key columns, but I need to delete rows based on 2 key columns only. I indicate only 2 keys in the "Delete" step, but it still perform deletion based on all 3 keys. As a result not all data that should be deleted is deleted. I think this is a bug.
Consider following example:
FIELDA_ID and FIELDB_ID are indicated as keys in the delete step
stream contains all fields FIELDA_ID, FIELDB_ID, FIELDC_ID, AMOUNT
fields' FIELDA_ID and FIELDB_ID values are matching in table and stream, but FIELDC_ID is not matching for some rows
result is that rows (where FIELDC_ID are not matching) are not deleted
Can somebody explain what should I expect from the "Delete" step? How it works?

Thanks in advance,