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Thread: Dynamic folders, sftp.

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    Default Dynamic folders, sftp.

    Hi, i have a transformation that loads orders in text files to an ERP (Openbravo). Everything is good.

    What i need to do now is attach the file to openbravo, this is done in two steps.

    1.- Create a database entry that contains the filename, the table id and record id for that attachment. Easy.

    2.- Upload the files to the server. Here is the problem, files are not just in a folder. Every group of attachments goes to a folder with named (tableid-recordid).

    So my questions are.

    Can i create folders on a sftp server with kettle?
    Is anyway to pass a field with the name of the folder to create?
    Can i move files passing a field as a parameter?

    Thanks in advance

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    dynamic folders are not supported (in <= v3.2).

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