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Thread: table input preview number 0.812 -> 0.8

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    Default table input preview number 0.812 -> 0.8

    version pdi-ce-3.2.0-stable
    mysql version 5.0.27

    table input step
    column type decimal(7.3)

    data preview
    0.812 -> 0.8
    1.985 -> 2
    37.187 -> 37.2

    It rounds it off by the second digit of the decimal point.
    So that it is not rounded off

    table input step -> insert/update step
    The value enters correctly.

    table input step -> Execute SQL script
    It is rounded off.
    For no half-adjust

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    You do realize you don't actually ask a question in your post? Anyway data is previewed rounded in PDI but internally is should still retain its decimal places

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    Tom, I'm sure ken5678 knows more English than you do Japanese :-)

    Anyway, the " #.#" formatting mask is there for compatibility reasons towards PDI 2.x.
    We're working on ways to set these features globally, but it's not that easy to do.

    For now, you can use a "Select Values" step to change metadata like "conversion mask" if you like.

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    Default Thank you.

    use select values.
    It solved it.

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